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Get Out The Vote!

At this month’s United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America GOTV Political Conference in Las Vegas, Groundwork Strategies worked with UBC members to develop more effective strategies when meeting with elected officials. Programming for membership focused on the importance of political engagement and how members can make a difference through their involvement in issue advocacy.

Groundwork Strategies’ co-founder Tricia Mueller spoke with members about why relationship building in the political process is critical. Tricia Mueller also addressed protocol in public forums, preparation and planning for meeting with elected officials and why ethics in political engagement are imperative.

The goal of conference was to motivate and educate membership about the political process. Listening sessions that focused member’s opinions on the 2020 election cycle will help shape future training sessions and conferences as well as future union activism.

Groundwork Strategies’ co-founder Michelle McCormick focused on grassroots activism and stressed the importance of communications with local political leaders. The benefits of a union built project extend beyond the workers themselves. Outreach by membership to elected officials helps those in office to understand how union workers not only construct buildings, but help to build thriving communities.

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