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Groundwork Strategies is dedicated to meeting clients’ specific needs.

Groundwork Strategies co-founder Michelle McCormick recently returned from a two-day conference focused on helping our client’s efforts to work collaboratively with their stakeholders to improve the industries they serve.

Over the past year, Michelle worked with this particular client to set growth goals for their organization. A major 2020 goal was the conference itself and Michelle crafted an interesting, robust agenda designed to engage participants in meaningful discussions. In addition to setting the conference agenda, Michelle served as the facilitator for a breakout session. Over the course of the two days, Michelle engaged with attendees to better assess their needs and wants for the future of their organization.

Michelle McCormick’s presence at the conference not only ensured that the client’s goals for the event were met, but the information and ideas she gathered there will be used to establish future priorities.

Groundwork Strategies brings this hands-on approach to all their clients and is dedicated to meeting clients’ specific needs.

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