Public Affairs Campaign Management 

From establishing name recognition to coalition building around a specific cause or issue, Groundwork Strategies knows how to generate momentum. We recognize credibility is the key to success and will work with you to determine your public affairs campaign strategy and goals.


Using digital tools, traditional media, and face-to-face engagement, we will define and disseminate your message and build stakeholder engagement.

  • Press Releases 

  • Content development 

  • Brochures

  • Presentations

  • Mailers

  • Powerpoint

Creative Design
  • Websites

  • Digital Display Ads

  • Video Productions

  • Social Media Ads

  • Infographics

  • Logo Creation

  • Field / GOTV

  • Polling 

  • Targeted Digital Advertising

Issue Advocacy Campaigns 

Groundwork Strategies understands the importance of both grassroots and grasstops advocacy  and works with clients to launch and scale personalized issue advocacy campaigns.


We craft customized campaign strategies, educate and mobilize potential supporters, and grow stakeholder relationships all while acting as the client's champion. 

Strategic Planning
  • Community Planning 

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Press Releases

  • Content Development

Creative Design
  • Websites

  • Digital Display Ads

  • Video Productions

  • Social Media Ads

  • Infographics

  • Logos

  • Field Strategy

  • Polling

  • Targeted Digital Advertising

  • Digital Activism 

  • Geo-Fencing

Labor Liaison and Business Strategy

For companies looking to expand markets and leverage the power of the highly skilled, productive, professional union workforce, Groundwork Strategies helps businesses understand the language of labor. We serve as labor liaisons and make important connections between industry and union leadership at all levels.


Founded on decades of relationship building, Groundwork Strategies develops and grows coalitions and demonstrates how partnering with unions can increase your company’s bottom line. 

Stakeholder Relationships
  • Targeted meetings with relevant stakeholders

Community Connections
  • Shape public opinion for relevant projects

Building Trades Connections
  • Contractor education, vetting and networking

external affairs
  • Deliver key messages to targeted audiences

Creative Communications

Groundwork Strategies crafts individualized plans to meet clients’ unique communications goals. We create communication strategies, develop content to bring your message to wider audiences and help clients open conversations with new constituencies.


Let’s have a conversation about your communications needs.

Content development 
  • Writing

  • Graphics

  • Video

Creative design
  • Websites

  • Digital Display Ads

  • Video Productions

  • Social Media Ads

  • Infographics

  • Logo

Communication Strategy
  • Press releases

  • Email blasts

  • Digital newsletters

  • Print materials

  • Social media analytics 

  • Clips Services

Public Opinion Research 

Accurate data cuts through the noise and ensures our clients’ messages reach their target audiences.


Our public opinion research and polling enhances strategy, and our up-to-date, data-driven information is vital to advancing our client’s advocacy efforts. 

  • Paid ad based surveys

  • Social media survey

text to web
  • SMS based survey

  • SMS link to web survey

public opinion polls
  • Traditional Polling

  • Digital polling

Event Staging

We amplify our client’s messages through in-person, hybrid and virtual events. Groundwork Strategies delivers engaging experiences at meetings, conferences and forums and our team excels at organizing and running successful large and small scale events. 

  • Speech Writing

  • PowerPoint & Graphic Design

  • Video Content

promotion & Production
  • Event Promotion

  • Invitations

  • Press Releases

  • Event Hosting

  • Panel Moderation

  • Speaker Booking

Virtual & Hybrid
  • Virtual Hosting

  • Post Production

  • Zoom Interviews

  • Video Editing